After 50 Years of Marriage – They needed a Social Worker


David and Maggie have been married for fifty years. David used to do everything for Maggie, but in his later years he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This meant that Maggie had to become the primary caregiver for David. She made a promise to David that she would never leave him. But with her own health declining, and lacking a stable support system, the burden of providing around-the-clock care for her husband became too much.

Maggie is tough and determined. But she needed someone to help her navigate the world. Our social worker helped her learn basic computer skills and send text messages. He discovered that Maggie didn’t have power of attorney for David, and that the couple’s bank account was only in David’s name. He worked with her and the bank to rectify those issues. Maggie became more hopeful as the challenges she was facing were being solved.

Our social worker was able to locate a nursing home that could provide David with the professional, 24-hour care he needs. And he found a place for Maggie to live that was just up the street from the nursing home, so that Maggie could keep her promise to David. She is able to visit him every day. Just as important, she’s also able to go home in the evening and take care of herself.


Maggie used to be frantic when she would call our social worker with a problem. Now she is much more sure about herself and her future. She has hope. And she has time for herself. She called our social worker recently to let him know she had slept in that morning! This was such a novel and rewarding experience for her that she had to share it with someone.

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