More Than A Ride

We often take for granted having adequate, convenient, and safe transportation. Though we may not consider it often, many of our elderly neighbors no longer have this luxury. Many, no longer able to drive themselves due to age-related physical or cognitive limitations, struggle to get to their routine medical appointments without a ride. This struggle can have major consequences and can put seniors in danger.

Through our Transportation Services, Catholic Social Services helps senior citizens and veterans in Licking County maintain their independence by providing free transportation to non-emergency medical appointments. CSS is the only available senior transportation service in the entire county, so the program is vitally important for many of our elderly Licking County neighbors.

At its most basic level, the program helps keep seniors mobile and healthy. The medical appointments to which clients are taken can be life-sustaining, as in the case of chemotherapy or dialysis. They can also be more preventative or related to general wellness, such as in the case of clients who see medical professionals for ongoing conditions like diabetes.

But beyond this basic service, there is a deeper service provided in transporting aging community members who are often vulnerable, under-resourced, or ill.  That deeper service is rooted in human dignity. We always remember the service we are providing is a human serviceā€” for our clients, a human experience felt deeply as any other.

Our drivers understand that many of our clients may not feel well, and they are ready to provide door-to-door assistance to help ease the discomfort clients may feel. We also have wheelchair-accessible vehicles available when needed. Wherever and however we can extend extra efforts to ensure the physical and emotional comfort of these clients, we will do so.

All of our drivers are heavily trained in safety, but, equally important, they are also encouraged to develop and display another level of care and compassion: a constant sensitivity to the unique challenges and situations of each individual they transport. They are taught to respect human dignity as a part of their work. It is as much a part of the job as steering the vehicle, navigating the roads, and ensuring each client safely reaches their destination.

The array of clients that utilize our Transportation Services can present a wide breadth of challenges. Some clients have mental health issues; others, severe physical challenges or limitations. CSS drivers are taught how to handle such unique situations, such as when a client may need special accommodations for their traveling experience. We ensure that travel is safe, but also comfortable and always providing an experience of dignity.

After all, respect for human dignity is one of the Catholic Social Teachings that guides our work in the community. Each person on earth is worthy of respect simply because they are human, and, as such, we serve our clients in the belief that each one has special, intrinsic value. Our service to clients is always grounded in human dignity as a fundamental right for all.

Whether to a chemotherapy appointment or an annual physical, having safe transportation available makes it possible for seniors to manage their own health effectively, dramatically increasing their quality of life and prolonging the time they can stay in their homes. As we strive to help vulnerable seniors age independently and with grace, CSS is glad to provide reliable and convenient transportation that contributes to senior well-being while also caring for the special, precious dignity of each individual we serve.



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