Payee Services

Empowering Financial Stability for Everyone

Managing personal finances can be overwhelming for everyone, no matter where you are in life.

Our Payee Services Program provides individualized financial management for individuals with disabilities and seniors who need a helping hand managing their financial affairs so they can live independently and gain financial self-sufficiency. This program provides invaluable support, ensuring financial security and offering practical assistance. It’s not just about balancing checkbooks—it’s about empowering independence and making our community even stronger. Inspired by our Catholic values, we’re committed to honoring and serving adults across the region by safeguarding their financial well-being and ensuring they can thrive–both now and in the years ahead.

Navigating Your Financial Landscape

At Catholic Social Services, we get it. Managing personal finances can be tough for some folks in our community. Our Payee Services are designed to assist individuals of all ages who need help navigating their financial landscape. 

As your trusted financial stewards, we handle timely bill payments and provide responsible financial oversight. We know that financial stability is foundational to personal freedom. Our commitment is about more than just surviving—it’s about empowering everyone in our community to thrive.

Assistance for Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities

Payee Services provides much-needed financial assistance to seniors and individuals with disabilities facing the complexities of managing Social Security and/or disability benefits. We also offer support for those tackling the challenges of living on a fixed income.

Our Payee Services cover all aspects of financial management, including:

  • Budgeting & Income Management: We consider all sources of income and create a personalized monthly budget that reflects each client’s unique financial situation.
  • Bill Payment: Our team ensures all bills are paid on time, helping clients avoid unsustainable debt.
  • Protection from Exploitation: We guard against financial exploitation, protecting our clients’ hard-earned money.
  • Savings & Emergency Funds: By helping clients build their savings, we equip them to handle unexpected expenses.
  • Essential Needs Fulfillment: We carefully oversee that essential living needs such as food, housing, utilities, medical care, and clothing are always met.
  • Responsive Support: Our commitment is solidified by our quick availability to respond to client needs with just a phone call.

Through these dedicated efforts, we are committed to maintaining the financial stability and well-being of those we serve.

Available to individuals in 34 Ohio counties and 11 West Virginia counties, Payee Services costs $54/month.

How to Access Payee Services

The application for Payee Services can be initiated by the individual, family members, or a community social service entity. Please use the appropriate form below. Once the Social Security Administration designates us as your payee, we’ll reach out to create a personalized budget plan just for you. 

Our comprehensive financial care goes beyond Social Security funds–we also handle pensions, paychecks, and any settlements you may have. 

Start your path to financial well-being by clicking the referral forms below.


Payee Services took a weight off my shoulders. I don't have to worry about juggling bills anymore, and I know my finances are in good hands.

Having someone to help with my finances means I can focus on enjoying my retirement without the added stress of money management.

With the help from Payee Services, I'm confident that my bills are paid on time, and I feel secure knowing I have a financial safety net.

“My anxiety condition makes it difficult to manage my finances. It takes a lot of stress off knowing that I have Payee Services helping me.”

“Before I came to Payee Services, I had a lot of people taking advantage of me financially but now, the program pays my bills on time and protects my money.”

“With my husband terminally ill, I just can’t think straight and have our finances in a mess. Payee Services is a blessing from God and I’m so grateful for the assistance during this difficult time.”