Family Services

Support for Every Step Forward

Looking for support that goes beyond the basics? Families need more than just essentials – they need a range of services for growth and stability. From educational programs to workforce services, we provide tools for a stronger future. Mental health support and community activities are vital for healing and belonging. Let’s equip families to thrive, not just survive.

Family Services

Our Lady of Guadalupe Center

CSS’ Our Lady of Guadalupe Center (OLGC) is a vibrant hub of empowerment and support for the Latino community. Committed to helping members become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life, the center provides various support services, which range from language help, educational programs, and case management to immigration support, legal aid, and access to essential resources. OLGC stands as a testament to the power of community support, ensuring that cultural ties are celebrated while providing a foundation for future growth and opportunity.

Little Blessings/Pequenas Bendiciones

Catholic Social Services supports families with children aged 0-5 in the Greater Columbus area. This effort will expand existing services provided by CSS for families, and target needs in Franklin and Licking Counties for 2024-2025.

Little Blessings/Pequeñas Bendiciones will work to address the nutrition, health, parenting, and well-being needs of families with infants and toddlers with supplemental nutrition support, empowerment programming, nutritional classes, meal planning, baby supplies, parenting classes, and resource connection to improve overall family wellbeing.

St. Francis Center

The St. Francis Center, in partnership with Catholic Social Services, stands as a beacon of hope for those in Portsmouth. St. Francis Center not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters a sense of dignity and hope, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity for a brighter future.

Adoption Record Services

Whether you’re an adoptee seeking to learn more about your biological heritage or an individual searching for a family member placed for adoption, CSS offers a respectful and confidential avenue to obtain adoption records.


As a trustworthy partner, our payee services ensure all essential needs are met, bills are paid promptly, finances are managed wisely, and we assist in navigating government benefits. This provides our clients and their families with invaluable peace of mind.

Equipping Families to Thrive

At Catholic Social Services, we understand that supporting families means going beyond meeting basic needs. To truly thrive, families require a spectrum of services that address not just immediate necessities but also long-term growth and stability. From educational programs that empower parents and children with knowledge and skills, to workforce services that offer a pathway to meaningful employment and self-reliance, we provide the tools and resources families need to build a stronger future. We’re not just assisting families in surviving; we’re equipping them to thrive.