Service Coordination

Empowering Seniors to Live Independently

Aging in place can bring new challenges that may seem overwhelming to navigate alone. At the heart of our Service Coordination program is the mission to empower you or a loved one to have what is needed to live independently and avoid premature entry into higher levels of care. 

CSS has placed a service coordinator at each of the 13 Seton Square Senior affordable housing communities where they create a supportive service environment through individualized services and group activities.  They can assist you or your loved one, living in one of these properties, to access cost saving benefits, to maintain health and wellness, to reduce isolation and maintain housing.  

Our Service Coordinators are more than just helpers; they are specially trained to address the unique needs of low-income seniors and those living with disabilities. They serve as vital resources embedded within the Seton Square Senior affordable housing communities.

Advocates for Stability

Our aim is to help each senior maintain stable housing and keep them motivated to accept help as needed to maintain their independence and quality of life.   Whether you or a loved one are struggling to meet lease expectations,  or the need to access new services, our Service Coordinators are advocates, mediators, and partners in creating a plan of action to meet the goals and needs of our residents.

How to Access Services

If you or a loved one is currently living in a Seton Square apartment and need more information, please contact, Angela Stoller-Zervas at (614) 857-1249 or

Our Service Coordinators are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and continue living independently in your home. Our pledge is to provide not just assistance, but also the assurance that you can live your life as you choose, surrounded by community and support.

“I have many blessings in my life and Ms. Emily, my service coordinator, is one of them. When my brother in Denver passed away, we didn’t have the means to cremate him. I called Ms. Emily and, after offering her condolences, she helped me identify and complete a process through Medicaid that allowed my brother to be cremated and his ashes returned to me. She has put a lot of time and care into helping me.”