Senior Services

Live with Joy and Dignity

You deserve a life filled with dignity and joy in your golden years, and that’s exactly what Catholic Social Services aims to provide. Understanding the diverse needs you may have as you age, we’ve tailored programs specifically to help you maintain your independence, wellness, and active participation in the community. It’s about more than just meeting your care needs; it’s about ensuring you’re respected, loved, and supported in every aspect of your life. From mental health resources to opportunities for lifelong learning, we’re here to help you keep growing, connecting, and living a meaningful life. You’re not just a valued member of our community; your wisdom and experience are treasures we deeply respect and seek to honor every day.

Senior Services

Service Coordination

Catholic Social Services provides comprehensive service coordination, ensuring families and individuals receive tailored support to meet their unique needs. By integrating various resources and services, we help our clients navigate life’s challenges, ensuring no one is left to face them alone. Our dedicated team works closely with each person, creating a personalized plan that promotes stability and growth.

Senior Companion

At Catholic Social Services, we believe in the power of companionship to uplift spirits and combat loneliness. Our companionship services connect volunteers with individuals who may feel isolated, providing them with social interaction and emotional support. This valuable connection enhances quality of life, fostering friendships that enrich both the volunteer and the recipient’s life.

Supportive Services

Our program is dedicated to assisting seniors in maintaining their independence by providing the support they need to safely stay in their homes. We provide assistance with daily tasks and ensure seniors can live with dignity and comfort in the familiar surroundings of their homes.

Money Management

Catholic Social Services offers money management services designed to empower individuals to handle their finances with confidence. Whether it’s budget counseling or financial literacy education, our goal is to ensure clients have the tools and knowledge needed for financial stability and independence.


As a trustworthy partner, our payee services ensure all essential needs are met, bills are paid promptly, finances are managed wisely, and we assist in navigating government benefits. This provides our clients and their families with invaluable peace of mind.

Transportation Services

Understanding the importance of mobility, Catholic Social Services offers transportation services to help individuals access medical appointments, grocery stores, and community resources. Our aim is to foster independence and participation in community life, ensuring that no one is left isolated due to a lack of transportation.

Foster Grandparent

Our Foster Grandparent program connects seniors with youth in the community, facilitating mentoring and bonding opportunities that benefit both generations. Seniors share their experience and wisdom, while children receive the nurturing and support they need to thrive. This intergenerational exchange enriches lives and strengthens community bonds.