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The Priceless Gift of Peace of Mind

We often envision our elder years as a time of leisure and peace. The hustle of life settles down a bit, and we can finally breathe without the pressures of a job and career. While reaching our elder years can bring many gifts and blessings, this stage of life also brings many new challenges and […]

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Seniors Caring for Seniors, Heart and Soul

For some seniors, the experience of old age means wanting company and never having it. Due simply to their later stage of life, seniors often experience the shrinking of their social circle. In many cases, spouses, family members, and friends have passed away— and sometimes those that are left seem busy with careers and families […]

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Stay the Course® Provides Students with a Map and Traveling Companion

When a person decides to enroll in community college, they embark on a journey— one that often ends prematurely due to non-academic obstacles that make the goal of graduation an ever-distant dream. The fact is only 39 percent of students receive some degree or certificate within six years of enrolling in community college. There is […]

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You Are Not Alone: Providing Hope for Seniors in the Midst of Overwhelming Isolation

In this pandemic, we are all experiencing amplified feelings of loneliness and isolation, but these experiences are, perhaps, felt most acutely by senior citizens— a highly vulnerable group that has been advised to stay at home and out of harm’s way because they are particularly susceptible to COVID-19. With many senior centers closed and organized […]

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Reasons to Celebrate: A New Year, New Hopes, and New Graduates

New Year’s is a time for resolutions. New goals and aspirations parade through our minds, exciting us with their sparkling possibilities. Yet we all know goals are hard to accomplish. More often than not, they’re forgotten too soon, left by the wayside as minds grow busy, habits return, and we witness our initial motivation shrinking […]

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Without Shelter and Without Options

In the work we do here at Catholic Social Services (CSS), stories of strife flood in from the community on a weekly basis. This is a particularly difficult one to tell. It happened today.   This morning, at our St. Francis Center in Portsmouth, the center’s Director, Barbara McKenzie, heard the usual Wednesday morning ruckus of […]

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Helping Students Deal with Life’s Unexpected Challenges

The Stay the Course® program is a FREE resource at Columbus State Community College that helps students deal with life’s unexpected challenges that get in the way of school. By working with their own personal Navigator, eligible students will receive extra support and access to community resources as well as non-academic financial assistance for up […]

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Your Support Saved Acedro’s Life

Acedro could feel his heart rate finally starting to come down. Through his phone’s speaker, the social worker from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center was acting as a translator with him and the county sheriff. The officer explained to Acedro that an ambulance was coming to take him somewhere so he could get help. […]

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Recovering, Both Physically and Mentally, During a Pandemic

Alan Had Been Retired for Almost 20 Years and Never Slowed Down He was always healthy and independent, wrote and mailed checks to pay his bills, drove to the store to buy whatever he needed, and took regular walks for exercise (and to get out of his house). Since retiring, he never had to worry […]

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A Letter from Our President

Dear Friends,   If you’re like me, you can’t help but see all the stories that have been flooding the media lately highlighting the current situation at the US/Mexico border.   While each media story has its angle, what I believe has been missing from the current dialogue is the human dimension of the crisis. […]

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